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October 29, 2021

Global Communication’s Tom Middleton announces new solo project GCOM, with debut album E2-XO out on Oct 29th via !K7. The 21st century solo recalibration of the GC project.

Tom Middleton is focused on the future yet clearly present in mindset. His new alias GCOM is an all-new, 21st century redesign of his original Global Communication concept and collaboration with Mark Pritchard. This is Galactic Communication.

GCOM follows the reissue of Global Communication ambient masterpiece '76:14' via Warp last year.

Signifying a technological, creative and philosophical evolution into the new era; through his study of neuroscience and music psychology, fascination with exoplanet exploration, astrophysics and cosmology, and interest in anthropogenic climate change and planetary stewardship. Fundamentally it is a discussion for the need of cultivating deeper human and planetary empathy if we are to evolve in consciousness to travel beyond ourselves in mind and soul, and outside the solar system in body.

The new album E2-XO is some of the most advanced music he has ever made, both in sound and concept. A decade in the making, inspired by themes surrounding anthropocene humankind’s impact on climate, what we’re doing about it, conscious AI, and the acceleration for interplanetary travel beyond the Moon, to Mars, and eventually go intergalactic in search of potentially habitable exoplanets...The hunt for Earth 2.0.

"Superhabitable Exoplanets environmental conditions could be even better than ours."

The themes of the original Global Communication album are developed for current times with familiar leitmotif about human empathy, education and inspiration framed within the technology, ideas and channels that Tom can now use to present this sophisticated music that delivers entirely new perceptual and cognitive experiences that transport the listener way beyond the dancefloor. Musical art informed by science.

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 Noctis Ultimus (Epic Mix) 4:10 Buy

    Noctis Ultimus (Epic Mix)

  2. 2 XO Transmission #1 feat. Qebrus 3:47 Buy

    XO Transmission #1 feat. Qebrus

  3. 3 Anthropocene 4:34 Buy


  4. 4 Ocean Dreams 5:36 Buy

    Ocean Dreams

  5. 5 The Last Rains (V Mix) 5:31 Buy

    The Last Rains (V Mix)

  6. 6 Starship Launch 1:01 Buy

    Starship Launch

  7. 7 Beyond the Singularity 3:52 Buy

    Beyond the Singularity

  8. 8 Helix Nebula 2:25 Buy

    Helix Nebula

  9. 9 Noctis Reprise (For QEBRUS) 2:22 Buy

    Noctis Reprise (For QEBRUS)

  10. 10 XO 1 (Lutyen b) 4:59 Buy

    XO 1 (Lutyen b)

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