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DJ-Kicks: Cinthie
!K7 Records
Catalogue Number
Release Date
1 April 2022

Following her debut album on Aus in 2020, Berlin’s Cinthie marks another milestone in her career delivering the latest installment of the esteemed DJ-Kicks compilation series for !K7 Records.

Berlin-based producer, DJ, record store owner and head honcho of numerous labels, Cinthie, has long been a key figure in the House scene. Her career in the industry dates back decades, working behind the desk of a record store in Saarbrücken near Frankfurt and as a resident DJ at several clubs in the city.

Now in 2022 the highly acclaimed artist has well and truly cemented herself as a driving force for the contemporary house scene, releasing material on the likes of her own 803 Crystal Grooves, Aus, Shall Not Fade, Key Vinyl and taking crates from Tokyo to Paris, London, Amsterdam and beyond with her DJ sets as well as regular appearances on her home turf and clubbing mecca, Berlin.

Cinthie feels like DJ-Kicks is a milestone in every artist’s career’’ and told us “When putting my track list together, I wanted to make sure to shine a light on my old heroes as well as the new kids in the game”

Digitale Titelliste

  1. 1 I Love the Way You Hold Me (TP?s Bangin? House Re-Edit) Terrence Parker 6:03
  2. 2 Oldtown Dub Niles Cooper 6:07 Kaufen

    Oldtown Dub

  3. 3 Time Lapse Shinichiro Yokota 5:25 Kaufen

    Time Lapse

  4. 4 Jammin and Slammin Sandile 6:22 Kaufen

    Jammin and Slammin

  5. 5 Organ (DJ-Kicks) Cinthie 4:25 Kaufen

    Organ (DJ-Kicks)

  6. 6 I House You But Love HDSN 5:12 Kaufen

    I House You But Love

  7. 7 Blessed Are the Meek Amir Alexander 5:47 Kaufen

    Blessed Are the Meek

  8. 8 Crash Nerd UC Beatz 6:16 Kaufen

    Crash Nerd

  9. 9 Maravella Lis Sarroca 7:08 Kaufen


  10. 10 Trim On (Dirty V) Ruff Stuff 6:22 Kaufen

    Trim On (Dirty V)

Zeige alle Titel 24

Track List: 2LP

A1 Cinthie - Organ (DJ-Kicks) **
A2 HDSN - I House You But Love

B1 Sandile - Jammin and Slammin **
B2 Anil Aras - Flat Pack **

C1 St. David - I See U' Movin **
C2 UC Beatz - Crash Nerd

D1 Ruff Stuff - Trim On (Dirty V) **
D2 Chevals - Please Don't

Track List: CD

01 Terrence Parker - I Love The Way You Hold Me (TP’s Bangin’ House Re-Edit)
02 Niles Cooper - Oldtown Dub
03 Shinichiro Yokota - Time Lapse
04 Sandile - Jammin and Slammin **
05 Cinthie - Organ (DJ-Kicks) **
06 HDSN - I House You But Love
07 Amir Alexander - Blessed Are The Meek
08 UC Beatz - Crash Nerd **
09 Lis Sarroca - Maravella **
10 Ruff Stuff - Trim On (Dirty V) **
11 Camion Bazar - YLB
12 Anil Aras - Flat Pack **
13 Adryiano - Non Stop
14 Paul Johnson - Y All Stole Them Dances
15 Ben Hauke - Ain’t Bad
16 Logic 1000 - I Won’t Forget
17 Boo Williams - Emergency Tech **
18 St. David - I See U' Movin **
19 BMW - Jump Around **
20 Gloved Hands - Given Up
21 Amy Dabbs - Flexin
22 Chevals - Please Don't
23 Anna Wall - The Storm Ends

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