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Dehli 9
!K7 Records
Catalogue Number
Release Date
31 marzo 2023

To celebrate the 20 year anniversary of Tosca’s landmark third studio album ‘Dehli9', we are proud to present a fully remastered edition of this magical Tosca release. Available on 4LP and carefully reworked by Bo Kondren at Calyx Mastering in Berlin, this 2023 master purposely avoids any modern hi-fi tricks and techniques and is committed to the sound of the early 2000’s.

Lista de pistas digitales

  1. 1 Oscar (Remastered) Tosca featuring Anna Clementi 5:20 Comprar

    Oscar (Remastered)

  2. 2 Me & Yoko Ono (Remastered) Tosca featuring Anna Clementi 6:08 Comprar

    Me & Yoko Ono (Remastered)

  3. 3 Gute Laune (Remastered) Tosca featuring Tweed 4:56 Comprar

    Gute Laune (Remastered)

  4. 4 Mango di Bango (Remastered) Tosca 6:17 Comprar

    Mango di Bango (Remastered)

  5. 5 Wonderful (Remastered) Tosca featuring Earl Zinger 5:03 Comprar

    Wonderful (Remastered)

  6. 6 Every Day & Every Night (Remastered) Tosca featuring Sugar B 6:14 Comprar

    Every Day & Every Night (Remastered)

  7. 7 Dave Dudley (Remastered) Tosca 6:25 Comprar

    Dave Dudley (Remastered)

  8. 8 Rolf Royce (Remastered) Tosca featuring Stefan Graf Hadik Wildner 5:47 Comprar

    Rolf Royce (Remastered)

  9. 9 Sperl (Remastered) Tosca 7:39 Comprar

    Sperl (Remastered)

  10. 10 La Vendeuse des chaussures des femmes (Remastered) Tosca 10:04 Comprar

    La Vendeuse des chaussures des femmes (Remastered)

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Track List

A1. Oscar feat. Anna Clementi
A2. Me & Yoko Ono feat. Anna Clementi

B1. Gute Laune feat. Tweed
B2. Mango di Bango

C. Wonderful feat. Earl Zinger

D. Every Day & Every Night feat. Sugar B

E. Rolf Royce feat. Stefan Graf Hadik Wildner

F1. Sperl
F2. La Vendeuse des chaussures des femmes

G. session 1: d- moll
G. session 2: einschlaf
G. session 3: wien in E
G. session 4: schwimmer
G. session 5: 1504 / 7
G. session 6: slow hell
G. session 7: song

H. session 8: romanze in es
H. session 9: fluß
H. session 10: ping
H. session 11: 2504 / 1
H. session 12: piano 1


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