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Tlapa The Odeon Remixes
!K7 Records
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August 19, 2013

It’s something of tradition for Tosca to get their albums remixed. Indeed, they once released a record comprised entirely of 13 mixes of one song, 2002’s ‘Different Tastes Of Honey’, variations on ‘Honey’ from 1999’s ‘Suzuki’. It’s a way of keeping things fresh, injecting some uncertainty into proceedings, knocking things out of balance in order to check how they should be re-aligned.

Richard Dorfmeister (he of Kruder & Dorfmeister fame) and Rupert Huber’s most recent album ‘Odeon’, released last year, was darker and more ambient than its predecessors. It tapped in to the Mittleuropean melancholia than runs like a river through their hometown of Vienna. “We’ve always had a darker, ambient side,” says Dorfmeister. “We really wanted to emphasise that aspect of music with ‘Odeon’.”

That’s their take on it. The idea now was to get other people’s. “I like the idea of seeing what comes out of people remixing our music,” says Dorfmeister. “I prefer it when the result is unusual. Dance mixes can be formulaic, y’know, the most important element gets highlighted or there’s a harder beat. It’s difficult if people deliver something that’s a bit formulaic because you have to have an awkward conversation, but 80 percent of what I got was good the first time. Going back to people and saying, It’s not quite right is not my favourite situation. But I never give them directions of what I want, I just let them get on with it.”

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 Bonjour (Beat Pharmacy Escape) 7:05 Buy

    Bonjour (Beat Pharmacy Escape)

  2. 2 Meixner (LTJ Xperience Mix) 7:28 Buy

    Meixner (LTJ Xperience Mix)

  3. 3 In My Brain Prinz Eugen (Richard Dorfmeister vs Madrid De Los Austrias Ybbs Version) 4:33 Buy

    In My Brain Prinz Eugen (Richard Dorfmeister vs Madrid De Los Austrias Ybbs Version)

  4. 4 Bonjour (Brendon Moeller Reshape) 6:19 Buy

    Bonjour (Brendon Moeller Reshape)

  5. 5 Heatwave (Rodney Hunter Bounce-A-Thon Version) 6:21 Buy

    Heatwave (Rodney Hunter Bounce-A-Thon Version)

  6. 6 Johnny Waters (Silver City Remix) 6:39 Buy

    Johnny Waters (Silver City Remix)

  7. 7 Ende Mai (Joyce Muniz Remix) 6:42 Buy

    Ende Mai (Joyce Muniz Remix)

  8. 8 Stuttgart (Marlow And Trüby Refix) 10:50 Buy

    Stuttgart (Marlow And Trüby Refix)

  9. 9 Cavallo (AGF Version) 6:33 Buy

    Cavallo (AGF Version)

  10. 10 Jayjay (Stefane Lefrancois Version) 5:12 Buy

    Jayjay (Stefane Lefrancois Version)

  11. 11 Jayjay (Makossa.Megablast 80ies Remake) 7:16 Buy

    Jayjay (Makossa.Megablast 80ies Remake)

Track List: CD

  1. Bonjour (Beat Pharmacy Escape) 07:05
  2. Meixner (LTJ Xperience Mix) 07:28
  3. In My Brain Prinz Eugen (Richard Dorfmeister vs Madrid De Los Austrias Ybbs Version) 04:33
  4. Bonjour (Brendon Moeller Reshape) 06:19
  5. Heatwave (Rodney Hunter Bounce-A-Thon Version) 06:21
  6. Johnny Waters (Silver City Remix) 06:39
  7. Ende Mai (Joyce Muniz Remix) 06:42
  8. Stuttgart (Marlow And Trüby Refix) 10:50
  9. Cavallo (AGF Version) 06:33
  10. Jayjay (Stefane Lefrancois Version) 05:12
  11. Jayjay (Makossa.Megablast 80ies Remake) 07:16

Track List: LP

A1 Bonjour (Beat Pharmacy Escape)
A2 Meixner (LTJ Xperience Mix)
A3 In My Brain Prinz Eugen (Richard Dorfmeister vs Madrid De Los Austrias Ybbs Version)

B1 Bonjour (Brendon Moeller Reshape)
B2 Heatwave (Rodney Hunter Bounce-A-Thon Version)
B3 Johnny Waters (Silver City Remix)

C1 Ende Mai (Joyce Muniz Remix)
C2 Stuttgart (Marlow And Trüby Refix)

D1 Cavallo (AGF Version)
D2 JayJay (Stefane LeFrancois Version)
D3 JayJay (Makossa & Megablast 80ies Remake)


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