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DJ-Kicks: Theo Parrish
Theo Parrish
!K7 Records
Catalogue Number
Release Date
28 października 2022

Growing up in Chicago, later Detroit-based music producer, Theo Parrish is internationally well known for his own inimitable downtempo house music style. The approach Parrish took to compiling DJ-Kicks was very ambitious, inviting his Detroit peers to produce a collection of brand new material, and in turn creating the first ever all exclusive entry to the esteemed series.

"Detroit creates. But rarely imitates. Why? We hear and see many from other places do that with what we originate. No need to follow. Get it straight. In the Great Lakes there are always more under the surface than those that appear to penetrate the top layer of attention and recognition. What about them that defy tradition? Those that side step the inaccurate definitions often given from outside positions? This is that evidence. Enjoy."

Lista utworów

  1. 1 Pressure De'Sean Jones & Ideeyah 2:49 Kup


  2. 2 Simba's Theme Donald Lee Roland II 3:46 Kup

    Simba's Theme

  3. 3 When the Sun Falls Meftah 7:16 Kup

    When the Sun Falls

  4. 4 Real Deal Theo Parrish & Duminie DePorres 5:19 Kup

    Real Deal

  5. 5 The Upper Room Specter 10:19 Kup

    The Upper Room

  6. 6 North End Funk Deon Jamar 5:08 Kup

    North End Funk

  7. 7 Moonlite (Duality/Detroit Live Version) Ian Finkelstein 8:19 Kup

    Moonlite (Duality/Detroit Live Version)

  8. 8 Full John C & Meftah 3:04 Kup


  9. 9 aGain (T's Edit) mBtheLight 2:45 Kup

    aGain (T's Edit)

  10. 10 Psalm 23 De'Sean Jones 2:10 Kup

    Psalm 23

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Track List: CD

01: De'Sean Jones & Ideeyah - Pressure
02: Donald Lee Roland II - Simba's Theme
03: Meftah - When The Sun Falls
04: Theo Parrish & Duminie DePorres - The Real Deal
05: Specter - The Upper Room
06: Deon Jamar - North End Funk
07: Ian Fink - Moonlite (Duality/Detroit Live Version)
01: John C & Meftah - Full
02: mBtheLight - aGAIN (T’s Edit)
03: De'Sean Jones - Psalm 23
04: Raybone Jones - Green Funk
05: Jon Dixon - Wind Drifts (Instrumental)
06: Whodat & Sophiyah.e - Don’t Know
07: KESSWA - Chasing Delerium feat. Nova Zai
08: Raj Mahal - Hudsons
09: De'Sean Jones - Flash Spain
10: Jason Hogans - Surrounded By Trees
11: Howard Thomas - Experiment 10
12: Sterling Toles - Janis

Track List: 3LP

A1: De'Sean Jones & Ideeyah - Pressure A2: Donald Lee Roland II - Simba's Theme A3: Jason Hogans - Surrounded By Trees

B1: John C & Meftah - Full
B2: Meftah - When The Sun Falls
B3: De'Sean Jones - Psalm 23

C1: Ian Fink - Moonlite (Duality/Detroit Live Version)
C2: KESSWA - Chasing Delerium feat. Nova Zai

D1: Specter - The Upper Room
D2: Raj Mahal - Hudsons

E1: Raybone Jones - Green Funk
E2: Whodat & Sophiyah.e - Don’t Know

F1: Howard Thomas - Experiment 10
F2: mBtheLight - aGAIN (T’s Edit)
F3: Sterling Toles - Janis

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