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DJ-Kicks: HAAi
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!K7 Records
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Release Date
10 november 2023

London-based, Australian-born Teneil Throssell, aka HAAi, is known for a strain of sonic psychedelia that metabolises precise sound design, melodic techno, electronic pop and thundering beats. Following the release of her acclaimed 2022 album, Baby, We’re Ascending, HAAi has reached what she calls “another career milestone” - an invitation to steer the next edition of !K7 Records’ acclaimed DJ-Kicks series.

HAAi approached this mix with two concurrent goals: to continue to iterate on her artistic theme - which she named ‘always ascending’ - and to highlight her flair for hyperkinesis and drama behind the decks, which she achieves with BPM left-turns, endless upwards tilts and sharp accelerations, liminal transitions and moments of pure euphoria. Within the sweeping journey she moves through an expansive selection of heritage classics, future-facing artists, friends, heroes, and voices from close-knit communities, alongside a number of her own exclusive productions.

Digitale afspeellijst

  1. 1 Intro 2:39 Kopen
  2. 2 Lähetys / Transmission 4:52 Kopen

    Lähetys / Transmission

  3. 3 ZiGGY (DJ-Kicks) 5:41 Kopen

    ZiGGY (DJ-Kicks)

  4. 4 Strength 3:26 Kopen
  5. 5 Show Some Love (Rhythm Invention Remix) 6:37 Kopen

    Show Some Love (Rhythm Invention Remix)

  6. 6 Boomerang Agoria 8:14 Kopen
  7. 7 SHiNE 5:45 Kopen
  8. 8 HOT 3:31 Kopen
  9. 9 Life on the Wing 5:44 Kopen

    Life on the Wing

  10. 10 Up (Perc Remix) 7:58 Kopen

    Up (Perc Remix)

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Track List: CD

  1. Intro (Mixed) - HAAi
  2. Lähetys / Transmission (Mixed) - Pan Sonic2
  3. ZiGGY (DJ-Kicks) (Mixed) - HAAi
  4. Strength (Mixed) - The Blessed Madonna
  5. Show Some Love (Rhythm Invention Remix) (Mixed) - Jaco
  6. Boomerang (Mixed) - Agoria
  7. SHiNE (Mixed) - HAAi
  8. HOT (Mixed) - Manni Dee, River Moon
  9. Life on the Wing (Mixed) - I. JORDAN
  10. Up (Perc Remix) (Mixed) - Perc & Fractal
  11. Plasma (Mixed) - Radiotrance
  12. Geddeon (Mixed) - Tunnidge
  13. Bet (Mixed) - Surusinghe
  14. Make It Undone (Mixed) - Cocktail Party Effect
  15. Seven (Drumhell) (Mixed) - Koreless
  16. Total Departure (Mixed) - Christian Smith, John Selway
  17. Always Ascending (DJ-Kicks) (Mixed) - HAAi, Jon Hopkins feat. KAM-BU

Track List: LP

A1 HAAi x Jon Hopkins x KAM-BU - Always Ascending

B1 I. JORDAN - Life on the Wing
B2 Joshua James - We Go Again
B3 DJ PGZ - Quality High

C1 Koreless - Seven (Drumhell)
C2 Cocktail Party Effect - Make It Undone
C3 The Blessed Madonna - Strength

D1 Manni Dee, River Moon - Hot

--:-- --:--

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