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!K7 Records
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10 June 2016
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"Techno that tumbles towards ecstasy, courtesy of Matthew Dear." -Pitchfork on Audion's 'Sucksh' 2005

Matthew Dear’s Audion project stands proudly at the intersection between art and hedonism, realised over a decade long dedication to powerful and relevant dance music. Growing out of the vibrant DIY Detroit underground, Audion and his contemporaries were free to feed o the energy reverberating from UK and European danceoors, but singular in their desire to create their own sound and spirit. An Audion release is techno in it’s purest sense - whether it’s pushing the bombastic limits, spinning the danceoor out of control or elegantly toying with just a few sonic elements.

‘Alpha’ is Audion’s first artist album in 10 years and comes at the end of a period of fevered activity. The collective body of work standing as a marker in time and a dening moment in the life of the artist. Drowning out the noise of the outside world, ‘Alpha’ was a puzzle pieced together sonically in the shadows and wildly brought to life in a matter of weeks. The artwork for ‘Alpha’ has again been realized by Will Calcutt, Dear’s long time collaborator, who has a visual plan for the music that matches the sonic vision, completing the nal critical piece of the puzzle.

Vinyl orders include a CD insert for a digital copy of the album

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  1. 1 Dem 3:39 Audion Buy
  2. 2 There Was A Button 5:33 Audion Buy
  3. 3 Gut Man Cometh 5:35 Audion Buy
  4. 4 Traanc 4:34 Audion Buy
  5. 5 Celestial Antibody 0:58 Audion Buy
  6. 6 Destroyer 5:57 Audion Buy
  7. 7 Suppa 5:15 Audion Buy
  8. 8 Napkin 5:10 Audion Buy
  9. 9 Bob The Builder 1:49 Audion Buy
  10. 10 Sucker 5:11 Audion Buy
  11. 11 Timewarp 5:27 Audion Buy
  12. 12 Zunk Synth 4:19 Audion Buy
  13. 13 Sicko 4:57 Audion Buy


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